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Dubbing, Narration, Game Localization, Audio Post, Voice Over, Subtitling in Portuguese. Other languages are available upon request.


Foley and FX: creation and/or updating of the sound of cataloged films, including M&E recreation.


Audio Editing, Restoring and Mastering: eliminating noises and correcting equalizing distortions of classical pieces for product relaunching or repurposing (for Cable, DVD, Web, Telephony and other fields).


Final Mixing in Mono, Stereo or Surround 5.1 up to 192 kHz/24bits.

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SErgio Nogueira 


Specialised in editing, mixing, production of masters and restoration in digital domain, with a wide knowledge of the Avid Pro Tools system and Sonic Studio SoundBlade Mastering Workstation, with experience at companies like Herbert Richers, Globo TV and Record TV.


Work as sound editor at Technicolor Studios, in Los Angeles, in well received Brazilian versions of “Over the Hedge” and “Shark Tale” among others.


Pro Tools 101 and Pro Tools 110 official Avid Instructor in partnership with Avid Professional Services Training & Consulting.


2006 winner at IV Yamato Prize as best mixer-editor, with the office box winner “Madagascar”.

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His musical production and musician basis enhanced his audio skills and reliability necessaries for captioning, creating and editing among different audio visual projects, such as video clips, short movies and documentaries.


His experience at Rede Record as FX audio editor within different productions as dramas, action series and comedies, establish him as an excellent audio editor, ready for every kind of production.

marcelo scafi

audio editor

All the aspects of professional audio have been fully experienced during Ciro's career over last eighteen years.


On multi-track recording studios where he has recorded up to 40 albums and on his proficiency in music and guitar playing, brought sensibility and a well trained ear balance to his work.


The frantic television industry workflow, has honed his creativity in bringing solutions on a fast pace editing and mixing targeting tight deadlines under specifications delivery needs.  

Ciro Albuquerque

Localization Audio Director

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Ricardo Schnetzer

artistic dubbing director

Started his career 1974 and since then is one of the biggest names in dubbing in Brazil. After decades of acting and dubbing, founded his abilities for directing at Herbert Richers, where was director for 15 years.


Was director in hundreds of dubbings in studios like Voice-Versa and Alcatéia, and is now leading new challenges at Bluebird, like action, comedy and drama movies and series, showing that his 20 years of experience as director has prepared him for any kind of production.

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